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UDR Careers

Grow your Career

The Career Mobility Program is designed to provide career progression options. The learning opportunities encountered while in the program will accelerate the understanding of how to identify the next career goal. The program will prepare you for the next role based on training and learning needs.

Step 1: Explore Opportunities. Step 2: Complete the Survey. Step 3: Complete the Assessment. Step 4: Meet with Your Manager. Step 5: Begin the Career Toolkit

Step 1

Explore opportunities

Available through Career Mobility on the homepage.

Step 2

Complete the survey

Complete the initial survey to enroll in the Career Mobility Program.

Step 3

Complete the assessment

Complete the Career Mobility Readiness Assessment.

Step 4

Meet with your manager

Have your manager complete the Career Mobility Readiness Assessment. Schedule a meeting to compare answers and receive feedback. Set a starting point.

Step 5

Begin the career toolkit!

During this self-guided program, you will identify the core areas of development necessary to achieve your goal position. Use the training resources provided and on-the-job training (OJT) to take steps of progression towards your next career opportunity. The various trainings in the program provide a balanced mix of knowledge and practice. Through this program, you will develop a thorough understanding of what is needed to further your UDR career.

The UDR Career Mobility Program is designed to be a “self-directed” experience; you are expected to take the lead in managing the training requirements. You are responsible to ensure you are progressing by getting what you need to be successful. Welcome to the UDR Career Mobility Program.

Training Opportunities

Providing ongoing development and education opportunities for our associates is important at UDR. We know that finding, developing, and retaining the most qualified and capable people are crucial keys to the success of our company. Growth opportunities include:

Management Courses

Recognizing the unique skills needed for leading and managing others, we provide ongoing training for our supervisors and managers on topics such as interviewing & selection, performance management, human resource policies, and a variety of business topics.


UDR encourages associates seeking professional certification, such as the Certified Apartment Manager or Certified Property Manager, as well as associates pursuing a technical license, such as Certified Pool Operator or HVAC certificate.

Training courses

UDR offers a full curriculum of courses to help our associates learn the job skills required for high-level performance. Program topics include leasing skills, fair housing, basic property maintenance, customer service, and systems applications.